A&A Nail supplies was established in 2014 by the CEO and founder, Danny Tran. Prior to the establishment of A&A Nails supply Tran had begun as a local nail supplier in Omaha, Nebraska. Soon after he had a vision to create his own brand. The idea was to provide high quality yet affordable nail polish to the public.

In the course of time Tran made a name for himself in the nail competition circuit at his first successful start-up company. Tran has been known for his matching 3 in 1 collection particularly within the United States. His passion for creating authentic, affordable yet quality has led A&A Nail supplies to be known in various countries.

Products of A& A is the prestigious address of thousands of nail shops in the US. The leading technology in the Nails industry is: Can create Nail Polish + Gel Polish + Dipping Powder Match the same color (Matching 3 IN 1) with the most color today. With an abundance of paint colors and constantly updated with new paint colors trend.

Products from manufacturers to hand Nails have a better price. The product does not contain toxic chemicals (safe for people to do nails and customers use). With products such as nail polish, gel ppolish, dipping powder, nails supply, Led Lamp, nippers, etc., the nails have been used for the last time and have been covering in 17 countries.