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+ Provides adhesion for up to 3 weeks of wear and stay-true color

+ Soak-off removal

+ Fully cures in 30 seconds under Paris Led Lamp, so nails are 100% dry and smudge-proof immediately after gel manicure service

+ Lightweight feel on fingers

+ Shorter brush provides a smooth, even application


Gel Base – Protect nails and keep the color for up to 30 days

Gel Base Super Star differs from other products on the market as there is no acid-based primer that only uses 100% natural ingredients in the Base. So Base Gel Super Star has the advantage:

Gel Base - Protect nails and keep the color for up to 30 days

+ Helps seal the gels firmer without damaging the nails of the user
+ Retention time up to 30 days
+ Do not take too much effort and time for the user: Time took: 3-5 minutes
+ Easy manipulation is not complicated

How to use Gel Base Super Star

Gel Base Super Star after coating on the nail should be under the LED or UV light. Time:

+ 30 seconds with LEDs + 01 minutes if using UV light (the dark color is 02 minutes)

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